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The locals, the residents

Since our creation, the quality of the premises and the layout has been a major subject. The building complies with environmental standards, the premises are bathed in natural light, accessible by public transport, close to nature and planted with plants. We also made sure to use raw materials for the furniture, favoring wooden and metal components.

The layout seeks to correspond to the diversity of moments encountered during a working day: working in a group, meeting, isolating, relaxing, working alone. Between the different rooms and the open space, everyone has the choice. Our premises thus evolve according to needs and our new constraints. We also wanted to offer quality computer hardware, tools and software to our employees. All these aspects allow everyone to be comfortable and benefit from healthy working conditions.

The governance

As the company grows, tensions and areas of organizational vagueness may emerge. This is when we must review our organization - our "rules of the game" - and plan actions to adjust. We draw inspiration from a specific mode of corporate governance, holacracy, in order to facilitate decision-making and better distribute everyone's areas of intervention.

Holacracy also allows us to clarify work moments, by distinguishing the types of meeting according to needs: organizing, deciding, designing or sharing. The objective is to ensure that everyone knows their role in the company, their responsibilities and “their playing field”.

The HR framework

We are implementing actions to improve the working environment and well-being of employees. We try to act fairly according to everyone's needs. This starts from recruitment with the implementation of a non-discriminatory process and an integration process upon the arrival of the employee. Then, numerous formal and informal moments allow him to integrate the benchmarks and gain support from his peers and his supervision.

We are also interested in the organization of working hours, equal pay and the development of skills, by promoting capitalization between employees and by regularly offering external training. This framework ultimately allows employees to be actors in the quality of life at work, which no longer relies solely on the actions we put in place.

Job offers (2)

Chargé∙e de développement commercial

CDI - Fontenay-sous-Bois, Île-de-France, France

Chargé∙e de communication et de marketing

CDI - Fontenay-sous-Bois (94120), Île-de-France, France

A company whose business practices are as innovative as its products.

We are addicted to collective intelligence

and digital, fascinated by technological revolutions. The EspritsCo have a common goal: to build a world in which we believe. A world where we give individuals the means to do better together, and where artificial intelligence and digital platforms are put at the service of the development of individuals and the collectives who use them, and not the other way around.

We take a critical look

on the transformations induced by digital technology and observe with curiosity the profusion of so-called “agile” working approaches. Skilled collaborative tinkerers, we explore and shape new ways to work better together. It is the conjunction of the visions and experiences of EspritsCo that gives substance to what the company offers today: the particularity of its consulting approach and the richness of its product, Curebot, a collaborative monitoring platform.

“Quality of life at work does not only translate into actions. It is an element that must already be embodied in the daily life of the company.”

Sandra DA LUZ – Internal Development Manager

EspritsCollaboratives is committed

Commitment, ethics and values ​​are taken into account in our selection of service providers and partners.

Come work in a living space designed and equipped to make everyone feel comfortable.

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