Enable autonomous project management.

Everything is at your disposal to manage and animate your environments. It works 360 for users. Every car needs a driver.

Invitations and account creation

Send an invitation and future users can follow a highly secure path to create their account. The GDPR consent process is implemented in the interface.

User charter

A usage charter governs the proper use of the platform's functionalities within your organization. This document is written by administrators and accessible at any time by users.

Comprehensive view of the existing

The administration module exposes all the platform objects and useful metrics: users, groups, monitoring, bots, sources, tags, smartfolders, dashboard, newsletters, documents, etc.

The “highlighting”

This feature is a promotional action. It is a way to promote the work of particularly active users or communities and to make subjects of cross-disciplinary interest accessible to all.

Moderation and release of rights

Rights management is decentralized and involves the creation of groups in which each role can easily be defined and modified. The collective self-organizes regarding the allocation of rights to spaces or the level of confidentiality.

Manage your project

Curebot allows you to track usage metrics, export reports on volumes and produce detailed statistics on usage.

Package tracking

A dashboard enables you to track quota usage in real time, and control the use of features and options subscribed to in the Curebot package at all times.


Encourage exploration and discovery of topics by your users. Categories are personalized spaces, created by administrators, in which everyone can reference the objects of their choice.


Access the power that the API delivers to place Curebot at the center of your company's information system. Secure tokens are created from the interface in complete autonomy.

Sourcing maintenance

Alone or with others, choose to enrich and maintain your sources. Curebot helps and shows you the status of the sources.