Create broadcast spaces in record time.

Boost your visibility and bring your deliverables to life with superb information distribution portals.

Productivity Dashboards

These spaces are designed like informational “LEGOs”. Everyone can build their environment to meet their business needs. This centralized view brings together all the elements useful for the contribution of your company's experts.

Showcase dashboards

Customize a portal to display all relevant information. This dashboard allows you to make your community visible, the topics covered and to bring together the reference documents.


The mechanism of the report is similar to that of a shopping cart. It allows you to select resources, add them to different sections and export them to the desired format.

Curebot documents

A document is a stack of blocks, combined as you wish. With these blocks, you can build whatever you want: an article, a study, a SWOT... An excellent way to highlight content with high added value.

Share on social media

The platform is optimized for sharing resources across all your favorite apps.


The newsletter module is to be used like a construction game. If the module is called "newsletter", you can use it to publish new and personalized formats that will arouse the interest of your readership.

Robust email infrastructure

From a small to a large volume of emails sent per month, Curebot adapts to all intensities. We impose a high level of diligence to achieve and maintain optimal deliverability and shipping performance.

Newsletter Statistics

For each newsletter, consult the opening and click statistics on the information published. An excellent way to evaluate the impact of your work and adapt your future editions to your audience.

Fuel your internal ecosystem

Each new resource collected by Curebot or qualified by Users can automatically be redirected to your company's platforms.