Designed to simplify monitoring for all professions.

Developed by EspritsCollaboratifs

Curebot is the fastest way for your team to monitor, leverage, and boradcast insights from your ecosystem.
Trusted by outstanding users, partners and companies.

"Curebot offers a new information management experience in which every employee contributes to individual and collective progress. With Curebot, make business intelligence a collective story!"

Julien DUPRAT – CEO EspritsCollaboratifs, Curebot

Automate your information monitoring.

All sources, all formats

Take advantage of Curebot's power to open up your surveillance radar and continuously monitor your environment. There are no limits to your sourcing!

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RSS feed builder

Generate RSS feeds for sites that don't have one, with an interface that lets you view the results of your feed as it's being created. Sources can't resist it. You can't either!


Change detector

Monitor changes on a web page. When a modification is detected (text, visual, code, etc.) Curebot sends an alert.


Tame all the referent sources.

Turn on the source radar

Curebot integrates all types of sources: web, newsroom, forum, Google, Microsoft Bing, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and many more.

Sources in every languages

Automatic content extraction in all languages, to process millions of pages a day.

Source finder

The scrapping engine automatically detects the presence of RSS feeds and Twitter accounts on the web pages you want to monitor.

Give meaning to information through qualification.

Tags, comments, attachments...

Freely add tags on the fly, chat live with your community members and upload all file types.

Automatic consolidation of your information

Smart folders and automation rules group together the qualified resources you find relevant.

Create broadcast spaces in record time.

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Showcase dashboards

Amazing personalized distribution portals to boost visibility and encourage your community to contribute.

Stylish and powerful newsletters

Publish original, personalized formats that will arouse the interest of your readership. The email infrastructure ensures robust deliverability and optimal email performance.

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Field feedback, report, SWOT...

Create documents using blocks, combined as you like. Block after block, the foundations are solid for writing high value-added content.

Enable autonomous project management.

Track "My offer

A dashboard enables you to track quota usage in real time, and control the use of features and options subscribed to in the Curebot package at all times.

Join Curebot and license management

Send an invitation and future users can follow a highly secure path to create their account. The RGPD consent process is implemented in the interface.

Control what you share

Curebot respects a high level of confidentiality and protects your sensitive data.

Public, private or secret

You retain control over the degree of collaboration and confidentiality you wish to establish for your activities.

Work alone or with members of your team.



You'll soon find your bearings. To save you time and make it easier for you to get on board, we've streamlined the steps involved in collecting, processing and publishing information.


The idea is to play collectively around information. Everyone is encouraged to leave their territories freely accessible, and to keep their hands free at all times to adjust the degree of confidentiality of activities.