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Sources can't resist it. You can't either!

for sources.

Monitor all sources, regardless of format. Your only task is to populate the web page.

Build with ease.

Select a sample post to include in the RSS feed and… that’s it! Curebot takes care of the rest.

Built for everyone, used by experts.

Intuitive and minimalist, get started in seconds with simple operations. In advanced mode, monitor the most complex sources.

Don't sacrifice simplicity for efficiency.

Our RSS feed builder works with you, helping you focus on what's most important.

Master the power of our algorithms.

Curebot will automatically find all similar links in the web page to monitor. A preview allows you to keep control of the RSS feed you have just created.

“It has never been easier to configure your monitoring environments independently! Even for the most complex sources.”

Julien DUPRAT – CEO Curebot

JavaScript rendering engine.

The sources that have previously resisted you will be analyzed and displayed in the RSS feed creation interface. Interactive web pages no longer pose a problem, neither for Curebot, nor for you!