Give meaning to information.

Group relevant resources into smart folders. Goodbye complexity. Welcome facility

Qualifications confidentiality

You have control over the degree of collaboration and confidentiality you wish to establish regarding your qualifications. Use the visibility scope to qualify as private, visible only to a group or public.

Each resource is unique

No more duplication! In Curebot, each resource is unique regardless of where it is located. All qualifications associated with it will be centralized and visible to other Users, respecting the visibility assigned to them.


Curebot offers a complete tagging system

  • Hashtag (#) — Describes the content of the resource, what it talks about, the issues it addresses, the named entities it refers to. Examples: #Energy #France #Investments
  • Action tag (+) — Describes the business utility and places the resource in a work path. Examples: +Newsletter +Article +Opportunity.client
  • Mention tag (@) — Notifies a User or group of the interest in the resource. Examples: @Alice @Team.marketing @Codir

Tagging assistance algorithms

Tag entry assistance is based both on the analysis of previously added tags and the tags used in the platform. When tagging a resource, the algorithms offer the User the most relevant tags.

Dynamic comments

In the comments, everything has been thought of to support deliberation and sharing of analysis. The discussion tree allows you to attach files, integrate images and support the production of collective intelligence.


Curebot offers the possibility of attaching one or more files to the same resource. You can add all types of files (text, image, table, video, etc.) from your computer or mobile.

Smart folders

Organize and find resources in smart folders. Automation rules allow you to choose resources qualified by a user list to display in your smartfolder

Markdown syntax

This language allows you to structure and stylize your text, attach downloadable files and integrate images. All text fields are compatible: comments, dashboards, newsletters... you can edit and layout your content to give style to your workspaces.


When you are mentioned or one of your resources is commented on, Curebot sends you a notification to boost collaboration. In instant mode or scheduled at a time of day, you decide how often you receive your notifications.