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Automate your information monitoring
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Get started easily. Adjust quickly. Tame all sources.

Create, customize and
bring your subjects to life

A platform in your image. Unlimited creativity.

Simplify yourself the day before with
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Optimized workspaces. Advanced streaming features.

Collaborate with your

Explore together. Pool your efforts. Capitalize on the expertise of your employees.


A platform designed by experts.

When designing Curebot, we thought of all those we have supported for many years. We are committed to offering you a solution to reduce the time spent detecting, qualifying and disseminating strategic information.


Curebot is made for you. Not the opposite.

Each feature serves the user. It is not up to the user to adapt their way of working, but up to the tool to give you total control. In this way, Curebot makes it possible to optimize the efficiency of each monitoring process.

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Safety protocols remain our priority.

As a cloud-based platform handling some of our customers' most valuable data, we have set high standards for security. Curebot is meticulously designed to respect a high level of confidentiality and protect your sensitive data.

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Free updates.

Curebot is automatically updated as soon as a new version is available. Every month, you benefit from new features. Regular updates are the best method to ensure the security of your data and perfect compatibility.

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By your side. At each step.

Our team supports and advises you throughout the deployment of your collaborative projects. Our experts offer you a wide range of services to strengthen transversality and support your digital transformation.

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