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EspritsCollaboratifs, publisher of Curebot

EspritsCollaboratives is a collective intelligence consulting and technology company founded in 2015. Coming from the worlds of monitoring, consulting, research and digital technologies, we want to reinvent the collaborative dynamics of information management. To do this, we co-build collaborative monitoring systems with our customers around our Curebot platform. Our offer is therefore two-sided.

Our offering meets the needs of business intelligence, business intelligence, and digital transformation projects. More than a publisher of monitoring solutions, we are also keen to favor support approaches which offer individuals the possibility of co-constructing work benchmarks in which they (re)find meaning, confidence, desire, and ideally, the will to get moving together.

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We have been at the forefront, empowering organizations to establish cutting-edge collaborative intelligence systems as the driving force of digital transformations.

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We created Curebot, a collaborative monitoring platform designed to transform data into actionable intelligence effortlessly. Curebot fosters innovation, enhances communication, and drives unparalleled efficiency.

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“Curebot offers a new employee information management experience in which each employee contributes to individual and collective progress. With EspritsCollaboratives, make economic intelligence a collective story! »


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