Curebot on all devices.

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With the Curebot app, you can find all your data wherever you need it and your team can continue to work on the go.

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We have created the best application to address the entire monitoring process. But we didn't stop there! All features are designed for mobile use.


100% responsive interfaces

Same user experience between PC and mobile

Your data is synchronized

All features are available

  • View all objects
  • Create all objects
  • Configure all objects
  • Administer all objects
  • Qualify information, share resources, distribute newsletters, invite users, create groups, generate reports, write documents, export data...



Try Curebot, free and without obligation. You will feel the difference.

Complete synchronization between all your devices.

Your actions are automatically synchronized. You will find them on all your devices connected to your account. Here are some examples :

  • Start a watch on computer and add tags on mobile.
  • Change preferences on desktop and enjoy them on mobile.
  • Start writing a document on desktop and continue on mobile.
  • Create a dashboard on desktop and share its ownership with a group of mobile users.
  • Start building a newsletter on computer then finalize the editorialization on mobile before sending it.
  • or the opposite...