Change detector

Receive an alert when a web page is modified.

Get started in seconds

Simple setup.
Advanced options.

Curebot supervises monitoring, even the smallest adjustments.

Detect every change

Curebot explores each element and tells you where the movements are on a web page. You will be the first to identify the change of a character, a word, a sentence, a paragraph...


Check once per hour, day, week

Customizable and adjustable for each monitoring: select the frequency of checking web pages.

Collect by domain

Dedicate a monitor to monitoring all pages on a website. You will be able to view alerts for each individual page or for the entire site.

React faster to changes, collectively.

Involve your team so that everyone is alerted.


Compare the history of changes, even after they disappear. Curebot keeps all changes and displays them as a stream.