Integrate Curebot into your applications.

Connect Curebot to the tools you already use to simplify the distribution and collection of your information.

Our integrations
the most popular

Interconnect your communities. Connect your digital ecosystem to Curebot and rely on its incoming and outgoing flows to involve your teams from collection to creation of shared knowledge.

Microsoft Teams



Microsoft 365

Google Workspace

Custom APIs & Integrations.

In addition to our native integrations, Curebot offers a public API to build your own custom integrations based on your needs. This allows you to perform certain queries and operations.

Curebot administrators can independently create, manage and revoke secure API authentication tokens from the interface.

User Management
& Single Sign-On

Users can be added via csv imports, LDAP integration or invited via email. Curebot supports most authentication protocols and user management systems: SAML2, OpenID Connect.

Give your team, or everyone in your organization, secure access to the platform and your deliverables.

Develop your own integrations using our APIs.

Connectors to internal ecosystem platforms

Curebot allows the monitoring and supply of information flows to the communities of the corporate social network or any other digital platform hosting documents likely to be of interest to you.

We can also set up connectors with the platforms of our partners, data suppliers and the main press data aggregators referenced on the market.


Integrate Curebot's valuable data directly into your business opportunity pipeline. Make sure all your customer-facing teams can access information that can impact your sales performance, when and where they need it.

By combining Curebot with your CRM, ERP and HRIS, members of your organization obtain relevant insights for their activities.

You are now able to highlight the essential information needed to run your business with a comprehensive, collaborative view.