Experimental features

You have the power to test and adopt experimental features that will make a difference. Be among the first to discover the most exciting things Curebot is up to!

Discover innovation
in action

As an administrator, get early access to beta testing features. You'll get an exclusive sneak peek into what the future of Curebot has in store.

Certain experimental features are also made available to all users during the development phase of the changes. You will be able to participate in their development by providing us with your valuable comments, thus helping to shape the future of our monitoring platform.

Roadmap Curebot

We are transparent about our roadmap and truly listen to the needs of our customers. Together, we actively contribute to the development of features to shape a solution that truly meets your needs.

Our technical team is extremely fast and deploys several hundred new features, improvements and fixes every year! Curebot is automatically updated as soon as a new version is available. Every month, you benefit from new features.