Building and sustaining a collective intelligence approach

Our intervention

In 2009, Orange initiated its Better Together collaborative monitoring approach to strengthen its economic intelligence. This project is part of the group's digitalization program, and aims to improve sharing and cross-functional capitalization as well as to contribute to the development of new ways of working.

EspritsCollaboratives supported the governance of the system in the coordination and management of the approach, while supporting operational development. We participated in incubating new decompartmentalized and collaborative working methods in the teams to stimulate the dissemination of knowledge. Our team also supports project governance in promoting the monitoring approach, thanks to communication and animation actions.


The collaborative monitoring dynamic initiated at Orange develops new, more agile modes of operation to work better, together. This collective intelligence is a structuring axis for achieving the objectives of the Group's strategic plan and the continued digitalization of its activities. EspritsCollaboratives supported us in building the foundations of the group's economic intelligence strategy. The results were considered extremely positive. Their skills in terms of know-how, management and leadership were driving forces in uniting employees around the project. After having built the base, they continue to support us in perpetuating the approach, by supporting and empowering new professions. Their intervention also focuses on interconnection work between Better Together and the group's other platforms. Convergence between our tools is indeed key to unifying the information journey. Finally, we continue to call on EspritsCollaboratives to strengthen the animation of professional communities and industrialize the system

Nicole DEGREMONT – Delegate Director for Safety, Responsible for the approach collaborative monitoring of the Orange group

Results and impacts