Market intelligence platform, reimagined.

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Curebot is the fastest way for your team to monitor, exploit and disseminate strategic information from your ecosystem.
New in Curebot

Trust Generating AI.

Our LLM model is self-hosted on our secure, private servers.

New in Curebot

Drag & drop dashboard editor

A fully customizable delivery portal to help you bring your biggest ideas to life. The block editor structures your dashboard into sections and blocks in which you will integrate your best content.

Trusted by outstanding users, partners and companies.

Ask more from your competitive intelligence platform.

Everything you need to boost business performance.

Automate your information monitoring.

Une collecte performante en temps réel. Sauvegardez les ressources utiles. Au bon moment. Simplement.

Tame all the referent sources.

Add all reference sources for your projects and open your surveillance radar.

Give meaning to information through qualification.

Analyze, engage in discussions, and group relevant resources into smart folders.

Create broadcast spaces in record time.

Boost your visibility and bring your deliverables to life with stunning distribution portals.

Enable autonomous project piloting.

Everything is at your disposal to administer your environments. Management, statistics or animation, it works 360 for users.

Work alone or collaborate in pairs, ten or a thousand.

Monitoring and collaboration become one. Curebot is designed for teamwork.

A professional platform
for all professions.

Explore topics. Dazzling.

A generously formatted search box displays results in the form of a carousel.

New in Curebot

Ressources clusters

Clustering algorithms group your resources with similar terms or expressions in real time. Explore your news feeds. in a few moments..

Unsplash integration

The free, high-resolution Unsplash image library is now integrated into Curebot. Choose from over 3 million photos to give your spaces the perfect look and personalize your deliverables.